Tips for Shoppers


You’re ready to transform your room with new flooring.  You’re excited to visit a McSwain showroom today to start shopping for your new floor. BUT, shopping for a new floor can be confusing and frustrating if you are not prepared. To help you shop for flooring, take a little time to consider the following:

Before You Visit a McSwain Carpets & Floors Showroom
  • Draw a simple outline of the room(s) including where entrances are located
  • Carefully measure the room(s) you want to cover with new flooring. Be sure to include closets and any other areas that will need flooring
  • Make a note of what are the adjoining rooms and what flooring is currently in those areas
  • If possible, make a note of what is under your existing flooring
  • Decide what you want done with existing baseboard and moldings
  • Bring photos of the room(s) you want to cover with new flooring
  • Bring swatches, fabrics and colors with you. Let our design experts help you coordinate to find the perfect match in flooring to compliment your home.


Selecting the Right Floor for your Needs
  • How much traffic does this room get each day?
  • What is the room used for?
  • How many children and pets do you have?
  • Do you have a certain color in mind?
  • What are your personal expectations for the flooring? How long do you want it to last?
  • Where is this flooring located? (at ground level, second level or higher, below ground level)
  • Is there moisture in this room?

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Does Your Price Quote Include Everything – DARE TO COMPARE
  • All installation costs – installation charge, moving furniture, steps, take-up and haul away
  • All necessary materials for installing your new floor
  • Be sure to get all quotes in writing, including the amount of flooring needed, and a rough diagram of how they will install the flooring and where all seams will fall

Check out this price comparison between McSwain Carpets & Floors and a Big Box Store. McSwain saved our customer over $997!!!


dare t compare

Dare to Compare!