McSwain Carpets & Floors’ is committed to providing you the quality product and professional installation services you deserve.  The following information will help you prepare for your installation and set your expectations with your Sales Consultant and Installation professional.

How Your Installation is Scheduled
  • Customer Support Team will contact you to select a convenient installation date
  • Customer Support Team will contact you the day before your scheduled installation to review your job in detail
  • Installer will call you by 9:30am the morning of your installation to inform you of arrival time
Room Preparation
  • Disconnect and remove all electronics and breakable items
  • Clean closet floors of shoes, clothing or other items
  • Drain and remove any waterbeds or aquariums
  • Make arrangements for disconnecting/reconnecting all water or gas appliances prior to installers arriving
  • Notify installers of any special water lines or wires installed under your existing flooring
  • Provide adequate power, light, ventilation and heat prior to, during and after your installation
During Installation
  • Installer will perform a pre-installation checklist and review the job with you
  • Installer will review the seam locations and any special work that may be required
  • Installers will move standard furniture
  • Installers will complete your work in accordance with all manufacturer and industry standards
  • Installers will clean up all waste, vacuum and replace furniture as required
  • Installer will conduct a post-installation inspection with you to ensure complete satisfaction