Luxury Vinyl for the Cincinnati and Dayton, OH, Area

in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton

When you hear the phrase vinyl flooring, you may think of the old vinyl flooring from your youth. While that may stir some happy memories, it may not quite be the design look you were going for. Well, vinyl floors have been reinvented and you’ll be amazed at the new stylish options! Today’s vinyl flooring options are more versatile, more stylish, more durable and will complement any design style that you may dream of using.

Vinyl is among the most versatile of floor coverings. Resistant to water, mildew and stains, it’s a longtime favorite for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms and children’s playrooms. Liquids stay on the surface and are easily wiped away, so spills are not a problem with resilient flooring. Vinyl has the durability to keep it looking great for years. It’s sometimes referred to as resilient because it naturally resists stains and provides the greatest quiet and comfort of any hard-surface floor.

Alterna Engineered Stone

The Innovative Alternative To Natural Stone And Ceramic Tile – Like stone and ceramic, it is incredibly beautiful and durable. But a comfortable surface makes Alterna tiles warmer to the touch, kinder to your feet and easier to care for in any room of your home.


Items to Consider when shopping for Vinyl
  • Wearlayer Thickness
    • Density of the wearlayer affects wear performance
    • Generally, the thicker the wearlayer, the more resistant the floor will be against wear.
  • Overall Thickness
    • The thickness of the floor determines many of its performance characteristics
    • Thicker resilient floors provide more indentation resistance, more cushioning and comfort underfoot, more noise dampening and more insulation.
  • Wearlayer Type
    • Urethane – offers the best performance to inhibit wear, stains, asphalt tracking and scuffing
    • Vinyl – offers good performance against wear and staining
  • Gloss – High or Low?
    • The lower the gloss level, the more forgiving the floor will be to the daily wear of foot traffic
    • For high activity areas, a floor with low to medium gloss is recommended.
  • Warranties – compare these qualities in manufacturers’ warranties
    • Ability to clean easily
    • Discoloration from mold or mildew
    • Gouge, rip, tear, indenting
    • Wear out
    • Scuffing, scratch resistance
    • Warranty longevity
Style Elements

Six design elements to consider as you choose vinyl flooring

  • Compatibility – Select a floor that coordinates with other objects in the room, like cabinets, countertops and fabrics.
  • Color – Choose a color that you’re comfortable living with and that complements the style of your room.
  • Light Sources – Light affects how a floor looks. Consider the size of the windows and the direction they face, as well as the artificial lighting in the room.
  • Atmosphere – To make a room appear light and airy, choose lighter colors. To make it feel warm and cozy, use darker tones.
  • Pattern and Scale – Select a floor pattern with a scale that works with other patterns in the room, as well as the size of the room itself.
  • Traffic Pattern – For high-traffic areas such as kitchens and entries, select the best quality floor you can afford to ensure it will meet the demands of your lifestyle.